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Flight attendant | Hotelier Graduate | Blogger

The love for traveling, flying and hotels started at a young age and fascinated me my whole life.

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Summer 2017 I finished a three year hotel management & hospitality training in a 5 Star Hotel in Germany.

Summer 2017 I started working as a flight attendant. A dream come true!

Although the hotel management training tested my limits and was very exhausting at times, I loved it all. It never got boring and you learn something new about people and yourself everyday. Working in a team is wonderful and they become your second family.

I aim to give my guests the service; luxurious feeling and experience, that I myself would expect. Visiting hotels all over the world helped inspire and motivate me to help my guests feel like a VIP. Because I worked in a hotel and stayed in hotels as a guest, I know the hotel “life” inside and out. I’ve seen the good and bad sides, the best and worst service.

My childhood dream has always been to be a flight attendant so I can combine all three of my favorite things: traveling, flying and hotels! 

Hospitality, whether it be on board a plane or on the ground in a hotel is my passion.

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Get to know me more:

  • I love to send postcards from wherever I visit.
  • My favorite drinks are tea and lemonade.
  • I’m never without a watch on my wrist.
  • I love doing word cross puzzles.
  • My favorite color to have on my nails is an elegant red!
  • I’m a strong believer in having a positive mindset to have a positive life.
  • I have a dog named Eva and she’s my lil’ baby!
  • My signature perfume is Gucci bamboo.
  • I love music from the 50’s.
  • My favorite chocolate is 99% dark and Reeses pieces.

“How Hotels Inspire Me” Series:

Part 1: Check In

Part 2: The Perfect Host


Shannon Laura K ♥


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