Tips for your Flight Attendant Assessment

You’ve sent off your application and were invited to an interview or assessment day! Congratulations, you’re halfway to your goal! Now you have to personally introduce yourself and convince the airline that you’d be a great addition to the team.

Look good, feel good! Dress the part. 

Dress business style and look the part of a flight attendant. When you dress the part and feel good about yourself, you’ll present yourself differently.

  • Wear solid colors. Black and navy blue are always a good and safe choice. Classic go to that won’t fail you! If you apply to Emirates for example, it’s a good idea to look for nude and sand tones instead of a black and navy blue. If you wear a dress or a skirt, wear pantyhose.
  • Less is more when it comes to jewelry. Wear the minimum amount, like a watch, a ring and a nice pair of earrings. A watch is important for the job in case of medical emergencies.
  • A simple, small heel. Wear simple shoes without much detail and decoration. You’ll be wearing them for a couple of hours so you shouldn’t look totally uncomfortable. The job requires you to wear a small heel.
PicMonkey Sample
H&M has great inexpensive business staples like dresses, trousers and blazers.  Pictures from H&M. 
  • Purse for the day. You don’t need to take your whole life to the assessment. Pack the necessities in a nice, clean not “too out there” purse. Great items to pack are make up for touch ups, deodorant and perfume to smell nice through the stress-sweat and nerves, mints etc…

Get glammed up! Hair & Makeup.

Your goal is to look polished and refreshed. Overall, wear what you’re comfortable in. But remember to dress the part so no smokey eyes, excessive liner.

  • Research the airline! Some airlines require cabin crew to wear bright red lipstick. Some require you to wear minimum and natural looking makeup. What does the airline you applied for require cabin crew to wear?
  • Read my lips! A nice lip liner and lipstick pulls the look together.
  • Hair accessories
What does the airline require of cabin crew? Do your research and look the part during your assessment. Pictures from Emirates.

Research the airlines assessment. 

Each airline has a different process. It’s helpful to read about it in forums to help you prepare for the big day.

Personality tests, group exercise, physiological interviews, language tests…

Be social! Interact with the other potential future colleagues. 

Some recruiters watch how you interact with the others around you. The job requires you to work with a new team almost every time you fly. Make conversation and stay away from your phone, unless you’re exchanging numbers because you’re instantly best friends!

Some assessments have a group exercise to see how you work in a team.


Lufthansa Group 

“Why should we hire you?” The Interview. 

Prepare ahead of time! Write down a list of potential questions (research online, read forums or think of your own) and practice answering them with a friend or on your own.  This just helps you answer the questions more relaxed and comfortable since you’ve already put some though in what you want to say. Don’t make it sound rehearsed! 

“Imagine a guest is complaining about…” Roleplaying.

Some airlines like to add a short role-play to see how you would handle the situation. Since you’re not yet a flight attendant, you won’t know the “right” answer. So be creative! Stay calm, look for a solution and you’ll be fine. 

It helps to read forums on scenarios to help you get a better idea of what to expect.

Don’t get lost! Prepare ahead. 

Plan out how you’ll get to your assessment so you don’t get lost or arrive late. As a flight attendant it’s important to be on time.

Write down the information you’ll need on paper and keep it in your purse. Just in case if your phone fails you.


If you’re interested in more blog posts about being a flight attendant or working in a hotel, please let me know! ♥

xoxo Shannon Laura


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